Meet Danielle

On returning home from a long summer holiday in the South of France, I wanted to bring the spirit of the French Riviera into my downtown New York city apartment. From Paris to Provence I stumbled upon simple yet chic home accessories and unusual objects that I would pack into my luggage and bring back to my city apartment.

The products I am drawn to are understated in their design and fabrication, yet luxurious and elegant due to their European heritage.

From vintage enamelware to fine linens and hand-blown glasses, they all have a place in my home. Through The Lovely Diaries I am introducing you to some of my most cherished finds from overseas and inviting you to share in the wonder of these understated, yet high quality, luxuries.

Meet the Company

The Lovely Diaries embodies an aesthetic that harks back to a bygone era, where artisans used age-old techniques to work with beautiful woods, durable metals and quality fabrics. The result was accessories for the home that would last a lifetime.

As an antidote to the fast paced and intense city I live in, our design aesthetic pays homage to the quiet, the understated and a muted color palette. Contrast and balance is everything in life, therefore the beautiful yet humble nature of our products helps you meditate on life’s simple pleasures; whether that is taking time to sip your morning coffee out of your new favorite mug, or lighting a delicately scented candle at the end of a long day. In doing so you experience a different world, different cultures and new possibilities. And so the journey begins, and you escape to another place and another time, without even leaving your home.


The Symbol of Summer in the Cote D’Azur, Wild Singer of The Love Song

Under the summer heat, the song of the cicada sings all summer long, putting the people of Provence to sleep. Call it noise or music, the cicadas’ song is a love call. It is the eternal story of the male seeking his partner, lacking discretion to say the least. The cicada emergence from the ground and transformation into a winged invertebrate fully capable of flight represents rebirth and immortality. To me the cicada reminds me of warm and beautiful breezy days spent under the sun in Cote D’Azur, France.