Khadhi Vintage Linen Napkins in Red, Set of 4


Often found in Parisian bistros, these hand-sewn linens can transform an ordinary meal into a memorable dining experience and make guests feel cared for, adding an extra element of polish to any occasion. Because Khadhi linen fabric is entirely handmade from the spinning to the weaving stage, it has a natural, earthy look and feeling. At the same time, their understated chic is perfect for casual outdoor dining, complementing a rustic breakfast table or contrasting and softening a modern dining room setting. 20″(L) x 20″(H)

·100% linen

·Handmade and yarn dyed for a natural texture

·Machine wash, ironing suggested

·Set of 4


10% of all annual profits will go to benefit organizations dedicated towards the arts, and scientists searching for the causes and cures of brain disorders.

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