Flour Shaker in Shutter Blue


Our traditionally shaped and vintage inspired flour shaker makes for the perfect kitchen companion, delivering precisely sieved flour to boards, pastries and bread. Compact and carefully crafted from powder coated steel, this shaker provides the ideal amount of durability for all your baking needs. With practically at the forefront of all our kitchen accessories, we’ve made sure our Flour Shaker does exactly what is says on the tin – no frills or unnecessary extras. Its ergonomic handle was carefully designed for the perfect shake. Find it lightly dusting the top of a delicious homemade victoria sponge, playing a vital part in rolling out freshly made dough, or just looking cute on your countertop. With its removable lid, simply fill the shaker up and have flour on hand whenever you need it. Created and designed by the UK’s premier kitchenware manufacturer.

  • 4 3/4” (H)
  • Made of powder-coated steel

10% of all annual profits will go to benefit organizations dedicated towards the arts, and scientists searching for the causes and cures of brain disorders.

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